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Things really hotting up now with lots of new people collecting for us.

Please have a look below for a new centre in Worcester that we are working with.

Please visit the Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter @buskingbobby.

I have set up 2 Just Giving pages for people who don't want to or can't collect S and C but want to help.

Cov Cyrenians https://www.jus.../Ian-Northcott1

SIFA Fireside http://www.just.../Ian-Northcott2


‘Socks and Chocs for the Homeless‘ is an initiative started by Ian Northcott, and supported by his work colleagues, to provide homeless people in Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton with a few basic home comforts at Christmas.

Last year they donated over 1500 pairs of socks and 1000 large boxes of chocolate in addition to 60 sleeping bags. email if you want to help.

In 2013 Ian’s aim is to raise the awareness of Socks and Chocs so that the level of donations can be significantly increased, so many more people, far less fortunate than ourselves, are able to have a small gift at this time of year.

Ian has come up with a novel idea to raise the profile of Socks and Chocs, but needs the support of everyone reading this to make it work.

Here we go then, in Ian’s own words…

“I was walking through Birmingham last night on the way back from a concert and was approached by a homeless man who needed money to buy a safe bed for the weekend.

After I had tried to ensure he would use any money to actually buy the bed I explained our Socks and Chocs For The Homeless event to him. He said “Man, I would love a new pair of socks, they make such a difference”.

In the run up to Christmas, myself and 5 colleagues collect Socks and Chocolates to be delivered to homeless people at Christmas. in 2012 we donated over 1500 pairs of socks and 1000 pieces of chocolate in addition to 60 sleeping bags.

I would like for musicians to cover my song ‘Pleasure‘ to hopefully help promote my Socks and Chocs event which myself and my colleagues do each Christmas Day.

I really want musicians to cover the song in as many different styles as you can. Forward it to your friends so they can cover it and let’s see if we can get it the most covered song on You Tube.I know most of you can do a better job than I can so go for it and put me to shame. Play it in any key just keep the lyrics intact and place the same chord numberings in any key. Please call it ‘Pleasure‘ and refer to ‘Socks and Chocs For The Homeless‘.

‘Pleasure’ by Ian Northcott

Here are the lyrics and chords:


Em Am

So Unpleasant to the eye of
the common man,
With sores, dirty bodies and scabies,
Asking for money,
Upsetting the ladies,
Nobody really gives a dam.

Begging change to buy a safe bed,
Hunger, addiction and pain,
Troubled existence,
Lives down the drain,
Nobody cares if they live or if they’re dead.

Am Em
Am C

It seems such a pity,
When you walk round the city,
Lost soles congregate,
Making commuters late,
Asleep on the streets,
On bus shelter seats,
Their pleasure a bottle of beer.

Politicians, the rich, don’t understand,
Middle England, conscience clear,
Open your eyes,
See their fear,
So much for the Big Society brand.

It seems such a pity,
When you walk round the city,
Lost soles congregate,
Making commuters late,
Asleep on the streets,
On bus shelter seats,
Their pleasure a bottle of beer.

Am Em
Am Em
Am Em

It could be me,
It could be you,
Your mother or brother,
So much we could do.

It seems such a pity,
When you walk round the city,
Lost soles congregate,
Making commuters late,
Asleep on the streets,
On bus shelter seats,
Their pleasure a bottle of beer.


Can you do something?

We deliver to homeless charities in Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton. If you feel like donating a pair of socks to our cause, Coventry Cyrenians can take delivery direct to their HQ.

Please make sure you write Socks and Chocs 2013 clearly on the package.

Coventry Cyrenians (Socks & Chocs 2013)
Oakwood House

Or if you are Wolverhampton based:

Good Shepherd Soup Kitchen (Socks & Chocs 2013)
Darlington Street

Or Birmingham:

SIFA Fireside (Socks & Chocs 2013)
Allcock Street

Or Worcester:

Maggs Day Centre (Socks and Chocs 2013)

When I am tucked up warm in my bed in my nice cosy house I realise we could do more.

Can you do something?

Ian Northcott

Here's Frank's ten pence worth from our friends at http://handingl...-homeless-2012/

This is going to be a tough old year for many people, what with the continuing fall-out from the financial mess that this world has enveloped itself in, the continuing rise in fuel prices, the continuing rise in food prices, and the uncertainty of whether you will have a job or not this time next year….

…saying that though, we really don’t know how well off we are. Most families have centrally heated homes, multiple TV sets and gadgets, plenty to eat and a warm cosy bed to sleep off the days endeavours.

The people Ian and his colleagues are trying to help have NOTHING!

So everybody who reads this can do something!

Find out those socks in the back of your sock-drawer that your loving Auntie gave you a few years back and donate them! We all know that the reason that you have not thrown them out is that the sense of guilt would eat away at you having disposed of a gift from a loving relative. Donate them and banish the guilt!!!!

That big family size bar of chocolate in the cupboard… Donate it!!!! Think of the health benefits… and it will also help you squeeze into that sexy little number you bought for the Christmas office party (This is not sexist – it is aimed at Ladies and Gentlemen!!!).

Seriously, though, if you are a musician, have a go at making a version of Ian’s song.

If you are sitting there, reading this on your computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Mini iPad, Samsung, Blackberry, TV… take a moment to link to this page using the icons below, or link to Ian’s You Tube page Pleasure (Socks and Chocs For The Homeless) … This will take a minute of your life, yet could make a big difference to somebody elses…

Socks and Chocs For The Homeless 2013
Latest update on press releases...

Next week we are in The Big Issue (Birthday Edition) - this could really help Socks and Chocs this year.

It us really exciting folks - thank you for all your hard work.


Worth a look at Ian busking with Gary (the guy who played harmonica on Ian's version of Pleasure....

Here is Vanessa's version of "Pleasure" - please listen to it and shsre everywhere you can.

Our friends at Tesco 5 Ways gave me some socks today and they have pledged to help our cause some more.

This is great news for us socks and choccers.

Please spread the word.


A good friend of mine (and a great singer) has just come out of the studio having recorded "Pleasure" with her guitarist, Pete Smith. It will be released very soon and Pete is arranging some airplay.

Big thanks to Mark at Blue Moon Studio in Banbury.

Please forward this app to your friends to help make 2013 even more successful.


I can't tell you how fantastic Vanessa's version of Pleasure is. Quite simply amazing. I will post on You Tube ASAP.

Merry Christmas S and C team. Totals in for this year:
1488 pairs of socks
886* boxes of Chocs
270 hats/gloves etc
60 sleeping bags.
*the Chocs this year were counted per big bag/box/multi packs and not individual bars like last year so it's better than it seems. I think this is a fabulous result in the current climate and you should all be proud of yourselves. I will bother you all again next September for S and C 2013. Thanks again and have a lovely day. Ian

Our friends at Midland Heart can now take deliveries on weekdays at the following locations. Please make sure you mark your parcels up "Socks And Chocs 2012".

Head Office – Birmingham
Midland Heart
20, Bath Row
B15 1LZ

Midland Heart
86 Old Snow Hill,
West Midlands,
B4 6HW

Coventry Office
Midland Heart
Highfield House
St Nicholas Street

Leicester Office
Midland Heart
135/141, Granby Street

Staffordshire Office
Midland Heart
Duncalf Street

Wolverhampton Office
Midland Heart
132, Compton Road

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