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So, you want to play the guitar!

If you’re serious about learning the guitar, quickly and easily, I invite you to click on the link shown here, https://www.dro...0Movie.mp4?dl=0 to see a video of some of the content of my eBook 3 Chord Orchestra. It’s been three years in the making, and I’m very proud of the result!

It’s an interactive guitar lesson plan, complete with easy to understand text, audio clips, video clips, photographs, and links, designed to have you actually playing the guitar in weeks, not months or years.

I deliver a 1 GB flash drive to you (shipping is free) with the complete eBook, which, when downloaded, will guide you step by step through the lesson plan, at your own pace, and will have you playing the guitar confidently in the next few weeks.

The cost for the eBook is $69.99, and that’s it, no upsells or additional charges apply. Simply click on the Contact Button on this site, or the CALL NOW button from the app on your phone or tablet, fill out the request, and I’ll send you a PayPal Invoice to complete your order. Pay the Invoice, and I’ll process the order, and your flash drive will be on the way.

Many thanks to you, and I know you’ll love playing the guitar!

Gary Snead
If you have any questions about 3 Chord Orchestra, don't be shy, eMail me and I'll get back to you quickly!

My most humble gratitude to everyone that has visited and liked my Facebook page since the launch of my eBook last Friday!
Hundreds of you have visited, from across the country, and it's been awesome to watch each day. It makes me even more proud of the time and effort I expended, when I see your reponse!

Keep your eyes open for more videos, links, and posts, as I share the success stories that will be coming our way!

Thanks again,



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