"How you advertise does matter"

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Gympieonmobile is an Advertising platform for both mobile,
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""How you advertise does matter!"

Gympie is located off the Bruce Highway (Highway 1) in Queensland, 166 kilometres north of Brisbane.
Gympie today is the centre of Queensland’s Mary River Valley agricultural district with cattle-stations, pig farms, fruit orchards, vegetable gardens, and an active dairy industry.
One of Australia’s biggest country music festivals, the Country Music Muster, is held at Gympie’s Amamoor Creek State Forest Park every year in August. In October, Gympie holds its week-long Gympie Gold Rush Festival which includes competitions in gold panning and rock drilling, and a twilight street procession.

Gold was first discovered near Gympie by John Carne Bidwill in 1851. however, until an itinerant prospector named James Nash announcement of a payable goldfield which came at an opportune time, for Queensland was in the throes of a severe economic crisis, the town known as Gympie today, arose on the banks of the Mary River was hailed as the colony’s saviour. Gympie was known back in 1867 as the town that saved Queensland from bankruptcy.

Stepping into the 21st century a new goldmine has been discovered in mobile advertising.

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Getting your message out there Today!:

In this day and age one of the biggest hurdles is to get your business, message, and product out in front of the consumer as quickly as possible and to a wider audience especially in the regional areas whilst saving on advertising costs.

If you want to advertise or move a product, the consumer has to see the advertisement to act upon it.
The consumer has to watch the program or channel, or find your advertisement amongst thousands of other business products and catalogs and where there is wet weather, well, you can say goodbye to your advertising money as most times the advertisement to the consumer gets wet and where does it go - into the bin.

Do you plan to have a Today Only Special or Discount, or 4 day only Discount or maybe try to provide your customers with an hourly Special or Discount?
Have you been given notice of a change in the venue or event?
So, how are you going to inform your customer or the consumer Today, or that very hour or minute?

Gympieonmobile advertising app has an amazing feature of getting your advertisement out there Today – in REAL TIME!
No waiting around for tomorrow or next week for your advertisement or notification to be seen – Today, that very hour it will be seen-

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Gympieonmobile will not only have your advertisement or notification out that day or hour, but if you are to start an Online business or even use email marketing, or you have a Talent and want to get known, artist, selling a painting, getting a movie out there etc, it will be distributed not only Locally, but Nationally and Internationally – Worldwide that very day.
Your advertisement is displayed in a mobile website, a desktop website on their mobile, Ipad, PC/MAC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – even in the rain or where there is snow. Your advertisement or notification is displayed in “REAL TIME”.

"Where can you get that kind of coverage?"

"Where can you get these features in advertising?"

"Special Features in your app for your advertisement"

Your advertisement is not only for Gympie businesses but any business or for personal use outside of Gympie. Use this app overseas, on a plane or a luxury liner to your friends in other countries –
Use any language in your advertising in your app.
Try opening an email from a different part of the world and you'll know how proud we are that EVERY language works inside your app. No competitor offers that!

Edit your advertising in your app: This Special feature allows you to edit your app on your Laptop, Tablet, Mobile phone, PC/Mac and instantly update any details you made to your advertisement app on your mobile devices or tablet or pc/mac. No other app or advertiser can provide you this exclusive feature of where you are secretly in charge to make changes where-ever and when-ever you want:
(ONLY available with your present app and Not an alone feature. Ask for further details).

A Reservation form where your customer can make reservations: Have you got a restaurant or a business that needs this feature?- plus if you do, your customer can
Great feature RING your business: Your customer can contact you within your advertising app.Maybe your a distributor, share your app to your customers to keep up to date with products and where-abouts-
Interactive map: Your customer can find you with map location:-
Share your advertising app: from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, place on your counter where your customer can scan it onto their mobile device, place it on your business cards.-
Add a video- in your advertising app etc:
Our photo gallery- to display your products:
Share your app to anyone in the world: Do you have many stores or business, With one app anyone in the world your customer or the consumer can see what you are advertising. (please note: if a different language – as me for further details).

"Can your advertising provide you all this?"


"REAL TIME advertising:": having your advertisement of your product or notification out there to your customer or the consumer – TODAY is an important element for production and profit.
"COVERAGE:": Locally, Nationally, and International even on a luxury liner.
"DISPLAYS:": To everyone on mobile, iPad, Pc/Mac as a mobile website, Desktop website 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
"PHOTO GALLERY:": Show your product in an interactive gallery.
"INTERACTIVE MAP FEATURE:": The consumer can find your business.
"RESERVATION FORM:": If your business has a need for this: makes it easy for the consumer to make reservations and can be used for other ideas plus the next feature works in conjunction and separate-
"RING WITHIN THE APP:": This is a feature that allows your customer or the consumer to make contact without searching for your business phone number. Quick and Easy.
"USE YOUR LANGUAGE:": Great to share with your family, business in another country or who speaks another language. (ONLY available with your present app and Not an alone feature. Ask for further details).
"EDIT your advertisement:": You can change any your details of your app anywhere and anytime. (ONLY available with your present app and Not an alone feature. Ask for further details).
"The Search War - Lost in the crowd"

How about the 'Search War' where thousands of businesses trying to get to the front trying to get noticed!
Gympieonmobile advertising app eliminates this hurdle and the old ways of advertising is out in the cold-
Local paper, local advertisement and there are no worries about losing your catalogues and those old pamphlet runs are the thing of the past - the consumer doesn't have to search for you, it's there right in front of them on their mobile.
Where there is wet weather, well, no worries, we display your advertisement 24 hrs a day,7 days a week, 365 days a year on all mobile devices, and desktop of the PC/Mac. Your advertisement, Message, Special Event, Notification, change of venue is showing Locally, Nationally and Internationally.

"Where can you get that from advertising?"

***No Competition***
No other business can claim an advertising app from from us: If they are in your area and they have the same product, you will be the Only business with this amazing mobile advertising app-- No competitor offers that!

Why Invest? - Why Not?

Remember, all we are doing here is to bring you another way to advertise in the present and prepare for the future. This is just to advertise your product, or get your message out in REAL TIME and avoid that costly advertising in the old way - Mobile advertising is the way of the future. So if you can see the potential for this investment, you can see the stage of advertising and prepare for 2017 and beyond. One Business, One app in your area- **No Competition**.

In many ways it's as versatile and nimble as we are because it works on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, even on Mac and PC and now iPhone 6 and we are already to go for the new devices. Check out a video what Warren Edsers mobile advertising app can do for your business.

We'll gladly customize your app for your business or personal use, or if you want to handle the changes for yourself which you can do this anytime and anywhere with our very Special Feature which is only available with your present app. We can provide you secret control over any changes you want at anytime and anywhere.

(ONLY available with your present app and Not an alone feature). Ask for further details.

Join or follow us on Facebook.(Updating at present) Instantly connect to us with our iPhone App. Works on all mobiles just like the iphone. Your feedback of our app on Facebook is greatly appreciated.

"Introduce yourself or your Business advertisement to anyone in the world"

Warren Edsers mobile advertising app is not only for Gympie businesses but any business or for personal use outside of Gympie. Use this app overseas, on a plane or a luxury liner to your friends in other countries -

"Where can you get that kind of advertising 24x7 365 days a year at no extra cost?"

Contact me for further details: 0423922895 or email at mypersonalapp at (Replace at with @ )

This app was created by Warren Edser.

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See whats showing at Gympiecinemas and grab your app to be informed on your mobile of Upcoming features and Special Events.

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We welcome our new friends in business:

MadhouseCentro Gympie has grown in another location

Contact for both locations: Ph:(07) 5482 4565 or 0417160310

"Madhouse Gift Shop "; Shop 19 Goldfields Plaza Nash Street Gympie next to Coles and across from Bakers Delight.
Opening for business
This shop provides Unique Gift items not like the usual gift stores.

Download the Madhouse Discount Variety app Click here

Just so many variety items to mention that you just have to visit our shop.
Gympie Furniture Savers

54-56 River Road

Gympie, Queensland 4518

Phone (07) 5482 5693
Today in the midst of Gympie, Gympie Furniture Savers cabinet makers make or repair furniture from solid timber, flat-panel or timber based products.

Our Cabinet Makers may specialise in particular areas such as re-production of antique furniture,kitchen fittings, bedroom suites, office furniture, dining suites, shop fittings and occasional furniture.

Download the Gympie Furniture Savers app Click here

Gympie Furniture Savers
“not just a piece of furniture”
Gympiecinemas: You can see many Great movies at the cinema before they are released.

"Gympiecinemas": Why wait for fliers? Be notified on "Whats Showing" and "Upcoming Features" plus "Special Events" immediately as we update them.

Download the Gympiecinema app Click here

Worldwide coverage. 24x7, 365 days of the year. More coverage at no further expense. Where can you get advertising coverage like this?

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Dine with us
Advertise in another language
Hair/Health/BodyLooking fine: coming soon

Where can we take you? Starting out in business or just want to found, we can provide a Local, National, and International coverage.
Call us on 0423922895 or email at mypersonalapp at (Replace at with @ ) with your details.
Don't limit yourself. It's the future.

Promote your business: Have a "Special Discount for Today Only" or "4 days only". Have a Festival or Event. As soon as the details are updated, that very day or that hour, Every person that has your app, is informed immediately.

No waiting - No competition - No worries about the distribution of your product or worries that advertisement has gone astray. No loss of your advertising money, it's there on their mobile, or pc/mac or tablet 24x7 .

"What app can do all this?"

Gympieonmobile: " you can find us on mobile"

"Gympieonmobile" provides a 21st century tool of advertising to it's customers and the consumer as a whole.
Visitors can be advised what's on in Gympie and find your business, product or event with our app right on their mobile devices, Ipad, pc/mac on the same day.

Do you Advertise? Well now is the time to advertise your Business or Product or Event.
Ask for further details 0423922895 or email at mypersonalapp at (Replace at with @ )


There are many attractions in and around Gympie:
"The Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum" 215 Tin Can Bay Rd Monkland +61 7 54823995 or (07) 54823995 - houses memorabilia from the early gold mining era, as well as displays showcasing military, rural, transport, communications and steam development in Australia.
"The WoodWorks Museum" Bruce hwy Gympie +61 7 54837691 or (07) 54837691 - provides an insight into the timber industry & social history of yesteryear through displays and demonstrations. Features include a large selection of pioneering handtools, 1925 Republic truck, bullock wagons and blacksmith shop.
"The Valley Rattler" steam train Tozer Street Gympie +61 7 54822750 or (07) 5482750 - winds its way through the backyards of the southern side of Gympie and then continues west into the scenic Mary Valley where it crosses and then follows the Mary River to negotiate the valley and the Mary's main tributaries. The tourist train began operations in 1996. It provides a spectacular journey through the valley beginning at the Old Gympie Railway Station in Tozer Street. This station is the original railway station for the track that passed through Gympie in the 1900s gold rush. An era well remembered and the people that made it so. They were hard workers and dedicated to keeping "The Valley Rattler" going for visitors all over to world to enjoy.
"Mothar Mountain Speedway" 328 Noosa Rd Mothar Mountain +61 7 427737174 or (07) 427737174 -is Gympie's local Raceway which hosts the motorsport Speedway A.K.A Dirt track racing. Mothar Mountain Speedway is promoted by The Gympie Saloon Car Club Ltd.
"The Gympie Music Muster" - from Thursday 22 August to Sunday 25 August ...

... the Beautiful and normally peaceful Amamoor Creek State Forest Park provides the perfect setting for this quintessential Aussie event, with over 50 hectares of well maintained, planned camping facilities, plenty of hot showers and toilets, and a central entertainment precinct.

While the general theme is country, the genre is celebrated in all its forms. Each venue hosts an array of entertainment including folk, alt-country, bush poetry, country dance, Australian traditional, blues, Americana and bluegrass. There is also a smattering of classic Aussie rock to ensure all tastes are catered for.

The Gympie Music Muster is an event full of fun, family, friends and great music. It’s an experience that all of us must have at least once to remind us how lucky we are to be Australian.

For further details click here

Gympie, Queensland, 4570
Gympie is a regional town in south eastern Queensland.
Find us here: 160 kilometres(100ml) north of Brisbane.


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