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In many ways, it's as versatile and nimble as we are because now you may write a business resume or a personal resume with a personal photo or a business logo. A great touch and unique way that makes having an app so Special- you can include a link to your apps desktop website and a QR code where whoever you may share your resume app can view a larger overview of your professional skills.

I created the app to enhance the way I communicate as there is so much that you can do and place on paper for a Resume but with an app as an example of warrenedsersapps, I can place a picture, provide a video, explain and give a lot of further information, in fact, this is the best and a unique way to make your resume stand out from the others. Do not use Default link to your right: use appcat.com/warrenedsersapps Thank you.

Warren Edser Business address: Gympie, Queensland, Australia

Certified App Developer and Advertiser
Ceo and Founder of Gympieonmobile and Wiswhatsinstore. 35 years in advertising and 15 years as an app maker.

Professional and Certified app maker, Operations and planning, development and planning to create and build advertising apps.
Highly motivated and Creative abilities to look down the barrel of the creations for a Business or a Personal app.

Highlights of Expertise

. Been in advertising since I was 19 years old from selling, advertising for Television, Real Estate, Fashion, Couriers: I started a business from a half a tank of petrol, 20 cents, and 1 phone call to making a business from naught to around $3,000 a week.

. Professional in the creation of organizing run books for economic and fuel-efficient delivery of goods.

. Operational management for designing and implementing the creation of apps.

. Designing advertising slogans that sell for marketers, businesses, and personal.

I wanted to make a unique impact on communicating myself and having my business identified to the world that would be able to be seen Locally, Nationally, and Internationally in minutes and this I have done.

I have unique skills and a unique mind and when I put my mind to the project, I can work wonders.

My app business has made it possible to do all this and achieve a new generation of advertising and with the many features of my app, the old way of advertising is out the window.

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of this amazing app where it works on all Apple devices such as iPhones and Macs, Android, Blackberry, even on PC.

***Welcome to the new way for advertising- Locally, Nationally, Internationally on that day*** No more waiting for tomorrow to have your advertisement seen Today. Safe and secure and show your advertisement Worldwide in one day or just Locally, and Nationally.

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You can be your own Advertiser 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Advertise Today for Today- No more waiting for tomorrow.

I made it in possible for what you are advertising to be seen right on their mobile device or Desktop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year but especially when you want to update any details of the change to your advertisement you can do so within minutes and no more waiting for tomorrow to have your advertisement seen amongst all the other advertisements, but there is a Special Feature that allows you to be in full control of these changes anytime and anywhere and see those changes in the app or the desktop website but where you can make changes on the desktop website you will see those changes in your app also within seconds and where you make the changes in your app on your mobile device, the changes are made instantly on your desktop.

"where can you get that from any advertiser?"

Contact details: Email me advertise at(replace at for @)gympieonmobile.mobi Phone: your area code if need be 0468927768 and let's get you started on advertising in the 21st century.

I have only given a portion of what this app can do for your business or person.

When you click on it it will either show updates or the fly in buttons will appear.

Explanation of the buttons.

Call Now:

Customers of your app may call from within your app,

where you can place photos of your advertisement which will show up on your Homepage/Special. Your photos will periodically change as each time a person visits the app on their desktop you will see your picture.
Share or the Bird icon:

Share your communication: self explanatory. Different ways that you can get your message out about your advertising through your app.
Special or a Heart icon:

This is the homepage. A little about your business or person. Opening Hours or what you wish to communicate.

The next is news:Sometimes it may have a message about a "Special" or a "Video" or a "Newsletter" . Advertise a Special for the day. This message or details are sent out to all your customers who you have shared your app Immediately. This allows a customer to get the message as soon as the turn their mobile on and there is the Special **TODAY ONLY** right there.

Next is the Map: This shows where you are in Gympie. So if a friend had shared it and say they are coming into Gympie and need a hair cut, they see your special today and find you easy through the map.
Contact or the Camera icon:

Give me a call 0423922895 or email me
advertise(replace at for @)at gympieonmobile.mobi for any further details or enquiries.

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Worldwide coverage. 24x7, 365 days of the year. More coverage at no further expense. Where can you get advertising coverage like this?

Below are other peoples apps- these are only examples of different businesses and not their professional and update advertisement.
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What business are you?

Where can we take your Business? Starting out in business and just want to found, we can provide a Local, National, and International coverage.
Call us on 0468927768 or email at advertise at (replace at with @ ) gympieonmobile.mobi with your details.
Don't limit yourself. It's the future.

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