Thirsty Bassets Brewery
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Thirsty Bassets Brewery

In 2013, I decided to try my hand at home brewing. A few friends of mine do it so I figured why not give it a try.

I decided to have a little fun with this project so I made this app to detail my journey in home brewing.

Since we have 2 basset hounds, Copper and Daisy, I decided to "name" my project Thirsty Bassets Brewery.
Here is a list of all the beers I've brewed to date.

Two Batches - Rasberry Wheat and Cherry Wheat
Brewed 11/13/13
Bottled 12/03/13
Refridged 01/02/14

Patroit Lager
10/06/13 - Brewed
10/26/13 - Bottled

Canadian Blonde
09/28/13 - Brewed
10/12/13 - Bottled

Opened early by accident.
Not too bad but not quite ready.

American Ale
09/19/13 - Brewed
10/05/13 - Bottled

Classic American Lite
09/10/13 - Brewed
09/28/13 - Bottled
11/05/13 - All Gone

Beaver Falls, PA
724 462 4859