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Best Of

Re: Is it possible turn off InstantApp access for a customer who behaves badly?

@fb2209 and @MichelleCraig
To lock somebody out of InstantApp you simply change the password AND the email address associated with it, so "resend password" and "change name" won't go to the infringer. IA sends email reminders for the 2 most common issues that confuse consumers: Changing Password, Changing Name (new URL).

1) Enter edit mode in the app in question (click EDIT at bottom of page, enter PW)

2) Got to Contact, doubleClick contact form, change email address (where form used to be sent to) to YOUR address. Save.

3) Go "more" (bottom of page) and look for the password box at the bottom. Put a new one in. Done.

Instant app now sends your NEW email address a quick confirmation about the new password. You're safe.

Having said all that, I would expect your infringing customer to react as menacing as all the infringers WE lock out because they broke the rules. Be prepared for threats and abusive language. Don't expect infringers to make better life choices just because you have the power to remind them of their inadequate behavior; They will NOT comprehend, trust me. To understand why, read this charming bit on WikiPedia.
Welcome to the club...

Re: Our and Appcat successes

I have just secured a contract with a massive brand for 27 apps, thank you app.cat :-)

Re: Billing

I have had to log in using Facebook but anyway down to the point. I received 2 emails today saying that 2 of my apps should be moved to freeappcat.com to get free hosting.

When I bought this software I thought that hosting was included and this was one of the big reasons I went ahead and purchased app cat. The 2 app that I have been told will be deleted have already been white labelled and have plugins on them and now I am not sure if I should move them.

Re: Selling on iPad

@JavierPierotti, asked me a very good question. And after I sent him the answer, I was pretty sure that can help others. So this is my answer to him:

Hi Javier,
Yes I use Instant app on my iPad2 to show how easy it is to change things. This is far better than going to the prospect's computer. That cause interruption and almost kill the sale.
Using the iPad will not break the flow of the presentation, and bring fun.

Hope this will help.


PS. If you like it give me some like, agree or even Awesome! Thank you